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    Highland House Furniture is EFEC Certified

    EFEC is a voluntary environmental management system (EMS) for furniture manufacturers. EFEC was created with the purpose of maintaining and furthering the industry’s strong environmental performance. EFEC is a set of management tools and principles that your company needs to integrate environmental concerns into its daily business practices. EFEC provides a systematic approach to review and improve operations for better environmental performance and improved profitability. Benefits are obtained by setting up procedures to get the work done and reviewing these procedures to ensure they are working properly.

    In addition, many state regulatory agencies are creating benefits for companies that have an EMS in place. These benefits may include less reporting, fewer inspections, permit flexibility, faster permit approvals, government recognition, and reduced permit and application fees.

    • Create a proactive environmental management system
    • Implement an environmental system in a business setting to create new opportunities to increase company value
    • Create a communication forum to showcase industry’s environmental commitment
    • Serve as a foundation for future business requirements including environmental certification