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    Barrie Benson
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    Best known for balancing the modern with the traditional in her signature interiors, Barrie Benson brings that same energizing spirit to her collection of furniture — Barrie Benson for Highland House.

    A lover of art, architecture, fashion, and travel, Benson has created a collection that features unique pieces inspired by treasured antiques, contemporary lines, modern finishes, and her distinctive mix of textures and colors.

    Since her first introductions in April 2016, Barrie has continued to grow her Highland House collection into the showstopper line it is today.

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    The BUNGALOW CLASSIC duo Randy and Courtney Tilinski - also known as "Mr. and Mrs. Bungalow" - bring their design talents and signature style to market this fall with the launch of their BUNGALOW CLASSIC collection for HIGHLAND HOUSE.

    Inspired by their love of travel, fashion, and all-things-home, the new collection captures the refined, yet approachable, aesthetic the dynamic couple are known for.

    With the introduction of the BUNGALOW CLASSIC COLLECTION Mr. and Mrs. Bungalow invite you to join in all the fun!

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